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My name is Elena Maryeva. I am the owner "Iz Sozvezdiya Staff" kennel.

                  "Iz Sozvezdiya Staff" kenel is registered by RKF-FCI 30.03.2004,
                 the certificate number is 6076. My kennel specializes in breeding
                 dogs of breed American Staffordshire Terriers!II love these
                 dogs for a wonderful character: a devotion and boundless love
                 for the people!II like their fortitude and strength of body,
                 excellent temperament and high intelligence!On the site you can get
                 acquainted with our dogs, watch and evaluate the results of our
                 breeding!In the pedigree of our dogs are collected blood lines  
                 "Sierra","WoodForest", "Fraja," "Expert", "Finwar's",  



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  Fortuna iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Ornella Mutti iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Koroleva Moih Grez iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Char Boy iz Sozvezdiya Staff  

Ch.Eurasia 1- 2011 (BOB),
Ch.Eurasia 2- 2011 (BOS),
Ch.Russia  , Ch. RKF

Ch.Eurasia 1- 2010 (BOB),
Inter Ch. ,
Multi Ch.

Int.Ch. , Grand Ch.Russia ,
Ch.Belarussia  , Ch. Ukraine
Ch.Eurasia 1- 2009 (BOS),

Ch.Russia , Ch.Moldava,
Ch.Montenegro ,
JCh.Russia  , JCh. Ukraine
  Fairy Tale iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Paradise of my Heart iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Uverenny V Sebe iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Oxford Priness Bibi iz Sozvezdiya Staff  

Multi Ch , Ch.Rus, Blr ,Mld,
Baltic Winner ,Ch.Slo ,Blg, Rmn,
JCh.Eurasia 2010

Int.Ch. , Ch.Ukr , Ch.RKF ,
Grand Ch.Russia , Mld , Blr ,
BOS - XIV National AST Show

Ch.Russia , Ch.RKF
 Grand Ch. Moldava ,

Int.Ch. , Multi Ch ,
Grand Ch. Ukr , Mld ,
Ch.Mne , Rus , Blr
  Chronos Virgina Renegade     Irbis Vsesilny  iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Tsvetik-Semitsvetik iz Sozvezdiya Staff     Zimaya Visnya iz Sozvezdiya Staff  

Inter Ch , Ch. AKC ,
Winner Intera 2007 (BOB),
Grand Ch.Rus,Mld,Ukr ,Ch National AST

Inter .Ch. , Multi Ch.
Grand Ch. Rus, Rmn ,Ukr ,
Ch.Blr ,Mld ,Mng, Cyprus , Blg

Ch.Romania, Cyprus ,
Ch. Georgia ,Ch .Bulgaria ,
JCh.Ukr , JCh.Romania

Inter .Ch. ,
Grand Ch. Russia
Ch.Modava , Ukraine



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